Look, buy and taste plums in Kyoto ① Watching "Weeping plums" in " Jōnan gū Shrine"

Speaking of Kyoto in February, there are beautiful areas with plum blossoms, but my recommendation is Jōnan gū Shrine in Fushimi Ward.

This shrine has a gentle goddess of which seasonal flowers are in full bloom.

There are various kinds of plum, but do you know the "Weeping plum"?

In Jōnan gū Shrine, "Weeping plums and Camellia Festival" are held from the middle of February to the end of March.

Standing in front of the 150 weeping plum trees in full bloom really makes you feel like you are lost in the world of the Gods.

The other two main protagonists of this event are of course the Camellia and the green moss, which can be seen in the same period.

Jōnan gū Shrine

Kyōto City, Fushimi Ward, Nakajimatobarikyū-chō, 7

15 minutes on foot from Takeda station (Karasuma subway line)


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