Look, buy and taste plums in Kyoto ② Plum blossom clasp purses, sold at "Matsuhiro Shoten"

Plum trees are in full bloom in this season, but instead of just viewing them, why not carrying some goods that portray plum trees patterns?

It will be fun for sure.

In that case, the clasp purses of "Matsuhiro Shoten" are what you are looking for: they implement the style, patterns and shapes proper of the traditional Kyoto style.

Just putting one of them in your bag would be for you a great satisfaction.

Pouches, bags and wallets are handcrafted by craftsmen.

They are durable and each one of them has a unique pattern, not printed, but handmade, to make it unique.

All patterns used in this shop will be different, according to the season they are made in.

For this reason, it would be wonderful to use for several different types of items, one for each time you came to visit.

Look, buy and taste plums in Kyoto ①, watching "Weeping plums" in "Jonan-gu Shrine" is here.

Matsuhiro Shoten store in Kamishichiken-ten

Kyoto City, Kamigyo Ward, Imadegawa Street, Shinseichō 716

2 minutes on foot from "Kamishichiken" bus stop

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