Look, buy and taste plums in Kyoto④ A Plum Garden walk (Kitano Tenmangu Shrine)

When it comes to Kitano Tenmangu, we speak about plums.

When plums in this garden are in peak bloom, we feel very excited, because it means that spring is approaching.

The usually closed Plum Garden is open for one month starting from the second half of February.

There are about 50 kinds of plum trees and we can also see unusual kinds, such as red and white flowers blooming on the same branch, called "Omoinomama".

Every 25th of February, an event called "Baikasai" (plum flower festival) is held to commemorate the death anniversary of Michizaneko: the goddess who loved plum flowers and protects this shrine.

After this event, there will be another one called "Baikasai Nodate Ochanoyu", which will see the arrival of geisha of Kamishichiken (old Geisha district).

Look, buy and taste plums in Kyoto ①, viewing "Weeping plums" in "Jonan-gu Shrine" here.

Look, buy and taste plums in Kyoto ②, the store that sells Matsuhiro Shoten plum clasp purses is here.

Look, buy and taste plums in Kyoto③ For plum sweets from Oimatsu Kitano-shop check here.

Kitano Tenmangu

Kyoto-shi, Kamigyo-ku, Bakuro-cho

Near City Bus stop "Kitano Tenmangu Mae"

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