Zuisen-ji, for the history lovers

One of Kyoto's features is encountering temples even when walking downtown.

Near Sanjo Ohashi, there is a temple called Zuisenji.

If you like history, perhaps you know it already, but the most important thing is the deep connection with Hidetsugu Toyotomi, who was Chancellor of the Realm.

It is a place of prayer for the repose of his soul, as he was accused of conspiracy to take the power, and had to commit suicide, while his whole family was executed.

Even though sad things happened here, it is a well-treasured place with calm atmosphere.

Senior citizen and illustrator Mr. Nakagawa, found here much inspiration for his art.

For more information about the illustrator Mr. Nakagawa Manabu check here


Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Kiyamachi Dori, Sanjo Sagaru Ishiya-cho 114

2 minutes walk from "Keihan Sanjo" Station

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