Hozoji Temple and its connection Ito Jakuchu

Uraderamachi Dori, which runs South-North in Kyoto, is an old-fashioned street where many temples are gathered.

Facing this street is the Hozoji Temple, which is known as the family temple of the painter Ito Jakuchu from the mid-Edo period.

During special openings, the famous Jakucho's "Skull" hanging scroll may be displayed, so check it out.

The small stamp books with the "Skull" motif are also attracting attention.

You could have a gorgeous stamp book, with different color according to the season: pink, red, light blue etc.

We also recommend you to try making your own original stamp book.

For more information about the original stamp book making experience at Tomita handcrafts check here

For more information about the painter Ito Jakuchu check here


Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Uraderamachi Dori, Takoyakushi Agaru Uradera-cho 587

5 minutes walk from the Hankyu Line "Kawaramachi" Station

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