The matchmaking power spot of "Shimogamo Shrine"

Among the world heritage spots in Kyoto, "Shimogamo Shrine" boasts high female popularity.

It is said to be a very serene shrine surrounded by the Tadasu-no-mori, the shire's forest, and it is said that if you visit the shrine, you will be given pleasing blessings, mostly for women, such as a happy marriage, realization of dreams, safe childbirth, childcare and so on.

Ancient events, such as the Aoi Matsuri (or "Hollyhock Festival") and Kemari Hajime were held on the precinct of the Shrine.

On March 3rd, a ritual called "Nagashibina", consisting in praying for children's health is held as well.

Observe here the elegant manners of the people in the Heian period costumes when they put the dolls on the water, purifying them from bad spirits.

Shimogamo Shrine
59 Shimogamo Izumigawacho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
3 minutes walk from city bus stop of "Shin-Aoibashi"

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