Marvellous view of cherry blossoms in Arashiyama by trolley train and boat

When it comes to Saga/Arashiyama, we're speaking about a scenic spot loved by the aristocracy of the Heian Period.

The vehicles you can use to enjoy the nature, are "Sagano Romantic Train" and "Hozugawa Rafting".

The trolley train which stops in winter will start from March 1st!

As you can see the nature of Hozu Gorge from the big window, the flowering season of cherry blossoms is especially recommended.

The destination of the trolley train is Kameoka city.

It takes about 25 minutes to go to Kameoka, and on your way home, please take the Hozugawa Rafting.

You can go down the Hozu River with a boat guide and return to Saga/Arashiyama.

Sagano Romantic Train
Sagano torokko station: Near "JR Sagano-Arashiyama station"

Hozugawa Rafting
Boarding port: Take Keihan Kyoto Bus from Kameoka torokko station to Hozugawa river ride boarding boat (it takes 12 minutes), and get off at the destination

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