Sightseeing of cherry blossom spots during Kyoto spring ① Beauty's course around "Yasaka Shrine" and "Maruyama Park"

I would like to enjoy Kyoto sightseeing, but I also want to get beauty ...

May such a greedy wish come true if you go to "Yasaka Shrine"!?

In the precinct, there is "Utsukushi-gozen"Shrine, where the goddess of beauty has her home.

Wishes of becoming beautiful will come true if you apply on your skin the "beauty water" that springs in front of the shrine.

After praying, go through the precinct of Yasaka Shrine to Maruyama Park.

Although it is one of the cherry blossom spots in Kyoto city, the weeping cherry trees in the center of the park represent the atmosphere of "Elegant Kyo's Beauty" itself.

More information about Kyoto/Keihoku famous cherry blossoms in rural areas is here

Yasaka Shrine
625 Giommachi Kitagawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi
A short walk from city bus stop "Gion"

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