Sightseeing of cherry blossom spots during Kyoto spring ②Surprised at cherry blossom varieties! "Hirano Shrine"

Speaking of "Hirano Shrine" we mean a cherry blossom viewing spot where many Kyoto people go every year.

The 400 cherry blossoms trees in the precinct have been carefully protected by the "Cherry blossom preservation society", and are about 60 types!

Of course not only the familiar Somei-yoshino cherry trees and weeping cherry trees are there, but also types of cherry blossoms you might have never seen, such as "Gyoikou" which has green petals, or "Hiranotsukubane", which recall the rose.

Being these many kinds of cherry blooming in different periods, they can be viewed for about a month, and this is a popular reason to come here.

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Hirano Shrine
1 Hirano Miyamotocho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi
3 minutes walk from city bus stop "Kinugasako-mae"

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