Only in the Spring of Kyoto ② Wandering Higashiyama Spring to Kodai-ji Temple

It's getting warm, and there are many special sights of temples and shrines, especially in Higashiyama by night, where big audiences always gather around to relax.

The first temple in Kyoto's history that was dedicated to night viewing was Kodai-ji Temple with its fantastic night-time light-ups events, held from March 8 to May 6.

In addition, "Android Kannon Mindar" is gathering topics now at Kodaiji Temple.

It is the world's first Android in the image of the Goddess Kannon, combining faith with modern technology.

You can make a reservation up to May 6th to have the chance to listen to its Buddha teachings, so please check it on our website.

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Kodai-ji Temple
526 Kodai-ji Shimogawara-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi
7 minutes walk from the city bus stop of "Higashiyama Yasui"

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