Spring in Kyoto, with a sip of tea ① To Tsuji Rihei main shop for fresh tea!

May is the season for enjoying the fragrance and taste of freshly picked delicious tea leaves!

Today, I had the pleasure of enjoying fresh tea at the main shop of "Tsuji Rihei", a long-established teahouse.

The interior is said to have been converted from a tea factory, and has a cultured atmosphere perfect for enjoying authentic Matcha.

Other than tea, they also offer quality parfaits and sweets such as the Matcha Zenzai (red bean paste with soft mochi served in green tea soup).

If you're keen on a cup of authentic tea, look no further than "Tsuji Rihei".

Currently they're also offering delicious and affordable specials.

Read more about "Tsuji Rihei" at Kyoto Chishin Plaza here.

Tsuji Rihei Main Shop
41, Ujiwakamori, Uji-shi
3 minutes walk from JR "Uji" Station

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