Kyoto Spring - Tea tasting ④Matcha tea time at YUGEN

When you want to have some authentic Japanese tea, we recommend a Japanese tea stand cafe called YUGEN.

Thin matcha tea or matcha latte with a piece of miso matsuzake cake is a popular combination.

Each order is prepared by a tea master, to ensure you receive an aromatic and flavorful cup of matcha.

It can be served with milk if you prefer a matcha latte instead.

This is a peaceful and compact tea shop, so it's recommended for small groups, if you want to sit down.

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266-2 Daikoku-cho, Bukkoji-dori, Teramachi Nishiiru (West of Teramachi), Kagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi

6 minute walk from Kawaramachi Station, Hankyu line

Recommended experience