Held on the 25th of every month! A day out at the Tenjin Flea Market

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine is well-known for helping people struggling with study.

The "Tenjin Flea Market", also called "Tenjin-san Flea Market", is hold on the 25th of every month to remember the death of the enshrined deity Sugawara no Michizane.

The stalls in the Tenjin Flea Market sell a wide range of items, like cute ones, antiques, retro clothes and many others.

You will feel how the atmosphere changes when this Market is on, so you will have the chance to enjoy both ways, traditional and chaotic!

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Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

Kamigyo-ku, Bakuro-cho

A short walk from Kyoto city bus stop "Kitano Tenmangu"

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