Looking for a fan in Hakuchikudo for the hot summer.

Anyway, it's a hot summer in Kyoto!

Air conditioners and fans are good, but how about cooling yourself with a cute fan?

Many people may be worried that "When it comes to sensu, it is an image of
Japanese clothing." or "IT DOESN'T MATCH YOUR CLOTHES...?" but
there are many modern designs coming out these days.

"Hakutikudo Main Store" has stylish fans that fit the modern look.

You can experience painting your favorite pictures, so please stop by.

Click here for Fan painting experience in the old shop of "Hakuchiku-do"

Hakuchiku-do Main Store

Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Fuyacho Dori,Rokkaku Agaru, Shirakabe-cho, 448

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