Kyoto's summer features ① Kyoto Gojozaka Ceramic Festival

Why don't you refresh yourself by changing the tableware of the table for those who have lost their appetite due to the heat everyday?

If it's a large-scale pottery market that is crowded with many people every year, I think you can find your favorite bowls.

Gojozaka is said to be the birthplace of Kiyomizuyaki.

The "Kyoto Gojozaka Ceramic Festival" with around 400 stores around it will be held during the "THE SPIRIT WELCOME." that I introduced the other day.

You can buy not only Kiyomizuyaki and Kyoyaki but also pottery from all over Japan and works by young artists.

I would like to go out looking for a ceramic tumbler to drink beer!

Gojozaka area, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
Near Keihan Kiyomizu-gojo Station

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