Summer tradition of Kyoto ② Shimogamo Noryo Furuhon Matsuri

During the Obon period, it is held in Tadasu no Mori forest in the precincts of Shimogamo-jinja Shrine
"Shimogamo Noryo Furuhon Matsuri".

It is the largest outdoor secondhand book market in Japan where white tents are crowded in the green
Tadasu-no-Mori forest.

In addition to literary books, art books and specialized books, children's books are also available.

The trees grow thick and there is a stream running through the forest, so you can feel cool.

You may be waiting for an unexpected encounter with a book!

Shimogamo-jinja Shrine (Kamomioya-jinja Shrine)
59 Shimogamo Izumigawa-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City (Tadasu no Mori)
3 minutes walk from the city bus stop Shinaoi-bashi Bridge.

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