A unique Kyoto alley ② Strolling around "Yanagi-koji" where unique shops gather

Yanagi-koji is a narrow alley about 60 meters long, located between Uraderamachi-dori Street and Shinkyogoku-dori Street in the east and west.

It is just a stone's throw from the Kayu-koji Shopping Street that I introduced the other day.

It is a corner filled with modern stone pavement and willows, and there are shops full of individuality.

The oldest of these is the "Hachibee Myojin" torii called "Hachibee-san".

8 raccoon dogs of Shigaraki ware are enshrined, and each of them is said to have divine blessings such as "Best in luck with money" "to improve one's business" and "full of happiness".

If you pray here, you may be able to enjoy shopping and eating without worrying!?

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