Have a tea time with plenty of Apples at "Pomme" along "Tesugaku no michi (The Philosopher's Path)"

If you take a walk along "Tesugaku no michi (The Philosopher's Path)", why don't you stop at a cafe with a bright red apple sign?

A cafe "Pomme" along "Tesugaku no michi (The Philosopher's Path)" where you can enjoy handmade apple sweets.

I'm relieved by the mild taste of apple cake which is the signature dish.

It's cute that the wooden container with apple cake is shaped like an apple!

If you enjoy it as an original apple tea made by squeezing an apple into a circle, you will be able to dye your body and mind to an apple color.

144 Jodoji Shimonanda-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
10 minute walk from the Kinrin Shako bus stop.

Here is for Wanting to walk in the autumn when you are lost in thought "Tetsugaku no michi (The Philosopher's Path)".

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