Take a walk in Kyoto with autumn scenery from the famous autumn leaves to the little-known places

In autumn when the leaves change color, many tourists visit Kyoto in a year.

Why don't we take a walk in Kyoto with autumn scenery from a popular spot of autumn leaves to an out-of-the-way spot of autumn leaves?

Jingo-ji Temple and Saimyoji-Temple in Rakusai area are the best to see now.

Let's go to love the flaming autumn leaves in the precincts and the garden!

If you want to take your time to see it, I recommend you to visit early in the morning or in the morning.

You should avoid wearing boots because you often take off your shoes when visiting temples and shrines.

Also, you may walk on the large grounds or stone pavement, so please wear comfortable shoes.

Please avoid boots and shoes with heels in order not to damage the floors of cultural properties.

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