A little-known spot with a view of the streets of Kyoto ① Enjoy the night view with "Kyoto Station building air route"!

Today in Kyoto, the sun sets early and it is completely dark after 17 o'clock.

Therefore, it is also a season to enjoy beautiful night view for a long time.

This time, we will introduce the Kyoto Station Building, which is a gateway to Kyoto and is crowded with people.

The 185 meter promenade in there is a great spot for night view.

The view of the town from the gap of the complicated steel frame is perfect for the finale of Kyoto sightseeing!

You can see the illuminated Kyoto Tower up close.

It's nice to have a free night view spot in a location directly connected to Kyoto Station.

Why don't you stop by before taking the Shinkansen?

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