Ekiden is popular in Kyoto, the birthplace of Ekiden!

Ekiden is one of the features of the new year.

Do you know that Sanjo Ohashi Bridge in Kyoto is the birthplace of Ekiden?

Japan's first ekiden was "Tokaido Ekiden Road Relay Race" held in April 1917.

Surprisingly, it was a race from Sanjo-ohashi Bridge in Kyoto to the front entrance of the exhibition in Ueno Shinobazu no ike Pond in Tokyo!

We can see "Ekiden Monument" at the north end of the east foot of Sanjo-ohashi Bridge which was a starting point.

It has a history of connecting tasuki for 3 days at a distance of about 514 km.

Currently, Kyoto City is a sacred place for Ekiden, including the High School Ekiden in December, the Women's Ekiden in January, and the Wheelchair Ekiden in March.

In February, the Daimonji Ekiden, an ekiden competition between Kyoto City elementary schools, is also a special feature of Miyakooji.

The tasuki that has been passed down from generation to generation in its birthplace.

Why don't you cheer for the players running through Reiwa's Miyakooji and remember those days?

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