Hirano-jinja Shrine "Sakigake" is the signals of Cherry Blossom Season

The cherry blossom season in Kyoto has finally arrived!

Let me introduce Hirano Shrine, one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyoto.

It is said to have been relocated from Heijo-kyu Palace to its current location in the year of the national capital transfer to Heian-kyo (794).

I went to see the early blooming weeping cherry tree "Sakigake" in front of the shrine gate.

It is said that buds burst one after another after "Sakigake" blooms.

It is the forerunner variety.

In the same way, the hybrid variety of Kanhizakura and Amagiyoshino "Yoko" is at its best.

There are around 60 kinds and 400 cherry trees planted in the grounds and in the cherry garden, and there are many rare varieties.

For example, "Hirano Nadeshiko" is characterized by slits that remind you of petals of Nadeshiko.

It is said to have originated in Hirano-jinja Shrine and was named after Mt. Kinugasa near Hirano-jinja Shrine "Kinugasa".

They have large flowers, and when they are in full bloom they appear to be flying butterflies "Kocho".

"Ukon" which blooms after Someiyoshino and has a unique pale yellow color.

This is why it is called "Sakura no Yashiro" and it lasts for about 1 month from early to late blooming.

平野神社_リサイズ済2.jpgIt is also known as "Yozakura in Hirano" as it was opened to the public during the Edo period.

I hope you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in the blue sky and the cherry blossoms at night lit up next year.

Hirano-jinja Shrine
1 Hirano-Miyamoto-cho, Kita-ku Ward, Kyoto City
2 minute walk from Kinugasa-kou-mae, City bus stop

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