Early blooming cherry blossoms in Kyoto①Many legends remain "Ichijo Modori-bashi Bridge"

The early blooming cherry blossoms mark the arrival of spring in Kyoto again this year.

The "Ichijo Modori-bashi Bridge" crossing the Horikawa on Ichijo-dori Street is one of the first cherry blossom spots in Kyoto.

The dark pink Kawazu-zakura cherry blossoms are now at their best, pleasing the eyes of people crossing the bridge.

The current bridge was built in 1995, but its history dates back to the time when Heian-kyo was built.

It is a legendary bridge where various anecdotes are said to have been born from the fact that the area west of Horikawa was devastated at that time.

It is also known as the place where WATANABE Tsuna, a military commander in the mid Heian period, exterminated an ogre disguised as a beautiful woman.

The name of the bridge was derived from a funeral procession of Kiyoyuki MIYOSHI, a scholar of Chinese classics in the early Heian period, held in 918.

When his son, Jozo, encounters the funeral procession of his father, Kiyoyuki, on the bridge, he grieves and sits on the coffin and prays, and Kiyoyuki is brought back to life temporarily!

The miracle of their reunion led them to be called "return bridge" instead of "Tsuchimikado-bashi Bridge".


The cherry blossoms in full bloom look like an arch when you look up from under the bridge.

Today, it is a bridge that is built in seclusion, but the tradition that it should be avoided at the time of marriage or wedding remains.

On the other hand, when you go on a trip, it seems to be good to cross this bridge.

Ichijo Modori-bashi Bridge
Horikawa Shimono-cho, Ichijo-dori Street, Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
Near Ichijo Modori-bashi/Seimei-jinja Shrine bus stop

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