Early blooming cherry blossoms in Kyoto②"Chotoku-ji Temple" in front of Demachiyanagi Station

It is close to Keihan Eiden Demachiyanagi Station and the cherry trees have already bloomed.

It is Okame-zakura at "Chotoku-ji Temple" Kawabata-dori Street.

The grounds are usually not open to the public, but you can see the cherry trees freely as they are planted in front of the temple gate.

The dark pink color of the cherry tree, which shines in the blue and cloudy sky, stands out from a distance!

It was close to the bus stop, and many people stopped to look at the beauty of cherry blossoms.

In addition, the glass doors of the Jizo-do hall beside the Sanmon gate also reflect Okame-zakura (okame cherry blossoms), reflecting a unique scene.

長徳寺の桜2_リサイズ済.jpgOkame-zakura is a hybrid of Kanhigan-zakura and Mame-zakura.

It is said that the cherry tree was created by English cherry collector Ingram in 1949 and was born in England.

長徳寺の桜4_リサイズ済.jpgThe Okame cherry trees are also planted along the wall, and the contrast with the dark red Kanhizakura is splendid!

I hope that the cherry blossoms which decorate the spring in Kyoto will make you feel cheerful again this year.

Chotoku-ji Temple
34 -1 Tanaka Shimoyanagi-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
A one-minute walk from Keihan Eiden Demachiyanagi Station, or a short walk from the city bus stop Demachiyanagi

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