Church Easter and Cherry Blossoms

When we walk around the town of Kyoto in early spring, you may encounter cherry blossoms in an unexpected place.

For example, it stands at Kamidachiuri on Horikawa-dori Street "Nishijin Church".

Light pink cherry blossoms nestled against a small and lovely church, as if celebrating Easter (Easter).

Easter is celebrated on the day after the vernal equinox and the first full moon (Sunday).

Easter falls on April 12 in 2020.

In Christian churches, they value the resurrected Easter more than Christmas.

At Easter, the reading of the Bible and the sermon of a preacher will be a celebration of resurrection.

Cherry blossoms match not only with Japanese architecture such as temples and shrines but also with western style buildings such as churches.

I also feel the vitality of cherry blossoms, which are in full bloom before Easter.

This year in particular, many people must have been relieved by the beautiful cherry blossoms.

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