Take a shower with beautiful weeping cherry trees

Japan and the rest of the world are facing serious problems day by day.

While you are at home, I hope you will enjoy a little bit of cherry blossom viewing at this "KYOTO CHISHIN".

I would like to introduce the famous cherry blossom spots in Kyoto rather than real time outing information.


The weeping cherry tree that blooms as if falling from the sky is so impressive in full bloom.

In Kyoto, there are many famous spots for single-flowered weeping cherry blossoms.

Murasakino's "Jobon rendai-ji Temple" is one of them.

In late March, I passed through a temple gate facing Senbon-dori and was able to take a shower with beautiful weeping cherry trees.

The splendid branches that are seen from Senbon-dori in front of the temple gate have a gorgeous presence in the quiet precincts.

As I pass under the weeping cherry tree which is almost monopolized, I forget the passage of time and look at it.

上品蓮台寺_リサイズ済2.jpgThe temple is said to have been founded by Prince Shotoku and called "Koryu-ji Temple" and belongs to the Chizan school of the Shingon sect.

After that, Kanku Sojo rebuilt it and changed the name of the temple to Jobonrendai-ji Temple in 960 by the order of the Cloistered Emperor Uda.

The temple was destroyed by fire during the Onin War (1467-1477) but was rebuilt by Shisei Shonin during the Bunroku era (1592-1596).

It is said that it was also called "12 bo" because as many as 12 branch temples were built in the Rendaino area when it was rebuilt during the Bunroku era.

Of the 12 branch temples, only a few still exist, but the town name "Murasakino Junibo-cho" is a remnant of the area.

After shidarezakura, someiyoshino and yaebeni shidarezakura dye the grounds, creating a more gorgeous atmosphere.

上品蓮台寺_リサイズ済6.jpgSince it is not a tourist temple, there are few visitors, and the beauty of cherry blossoms is enhanced by the quiet world.

In April, we plan to introduce the cherry blossoms of Kyoto at "KYOTO CHISHIN" so that people can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at home.

I hope we can go out freely next spring.

Jobonrendai-ji Temple
33 -1 Murasakino Junibo-cho, Kitaoji Sagaru, Senbon-dori, Kita Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Senbon Kitaoji, City bus stop

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