Hidden Cherry Blossom Spot "Suika Tenman-gu Shrine"

The whole world is facing a difficult spring, and Kyoto, which is tinged with cherry blossoms, is also deserted.

How about going to see the cherry blossoms on the web to make you feel better?

On this website "KYOTO CHISHIN", We also introduce many little-known places that are not in the guidebook.

This time, we will deliver "Suika Tenman-gu Shrine" which is said to be the first Tenman-gu Shrine in Japan.

It was built by Soni Sojo of Enryaku-ji Temple by the order of Emperor Godaigo in order to calm the flood and fire in Kyoto.

It is said that it was more than 1,000 years ago, in 923.

The enshrined deity was SUGAWARA no Michizane, and it is said that Soni Sojo was Michizane's master.

As the history and name suggest, it is a shrine that is said to have divine blessings for water and fire protection.

During the cherry blossom season, weeping cherry trees bloom as if they envelop this small shrine.

水火天満宮_リサイズ済5.jpgSince the cherry trees are located in a place that is not easily exposed to the wind, it is also attractive that the beautiful shape continues for a long time.

It is adjacent to the "Ogimachi(Tenjin) Park" and is surrounded by a peaceful scene.

Suika Tenman-gu Shrine
722 -10 Ogimachi, Kamigoryomae-agaru, Horikawa-dori, Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
10 minutes walk from Kuramaguchi Subway station

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