The cherry blossoms, which have been in bloom for half a year, were in full bloom

This spring, we keep introducing the cherry blossoms of Kyoto are introduced in "KYOTO CHISHIN".

Why don't you enjoy visiting Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) anytime on the web?

The cherry blossom viewing spot we will introduce this time is "Myoren-ji Temple" in Horikawa Teranouchi,Kyoto.

It is the head temple of Honmon Hokke Sect that is said to have been founded by Nichizo in 1294 under Nichiren's will.

It is said that it was relocated several times before settling in its current location in 1587.

妙蓮寺_リサイズ済2.jpg"Oeshiki-zakura" in front of the main hall is a rare cherry tree that has been blooming since October.

It begin to bloom around October 13 when Nichiren Shonin is said to have died.

It blooms in full for half a year around April 8, the birthday of Buddha.

*This picture was taken in late March 2020.

It is said that if you bring back petals of Oeshiki cherry on the ground, your love will come true.

*It is strictly prohibited to take home the flowers blooming on the branches!

Oeshiki-zakura trees begin to bloom again as early as half a year later.

I hope you will be able to enjoy the cherry blossoms next year when they are in full bloom!

Myoren-ji Temple
Horikawa-nishiiru, Teranouchi-dori, Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from the City bus stop, Horikawa-Teranouchi

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