"Hakusan-jinja Shrine" is believed in preventing toothache

June 4 is cavity prevention day, and 1 week from this day is teeth and mouth health week.

Because of the new coronavirus, some people may not be able to go to a dental checkup or dental treatment.

In fact, in Kyoto, there are shrines, temples, and Jizo which are believed in preventing toothache.

One of these is the "Hakusan-jinja Shrine", located in a residential area near Kyoto City Hall.

This shrine has a legend about toothache.

In the middle of the Edo period, Emperor Gosakuramachi, known as a female Emperor, suffered from toothache.

Then, a court lady brought back chopsticks and salt from Hakusan-jinja Shrine and put them on her painful teeth.

Then the pain subsided, and it is said that the faith to prevent toothache started from there.

Today, Hakusan-jinja Shrine is visited by not only those suffering from toothache but also dentists.

First, we will receive chopsticks and at the shrine office.

After that, we put some salt by chopsticks on the painful tooth and pray to prevent the toothache.

Why don't you visit the dentist together when you start going there again?

Hakusan-jinja Shrine
243 Kami-hakusan-cho, Oshikoji Sagaru, Fuyacho Street, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City
5 minutes walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station on the subway.

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