"Takoyakushi-do Eifuku-ji Temple" which has an anecdote about octopus called

I introduced "Hangesho" and "Tako (octopus)" in this "KYOTO CHISHIN" the other day.

Talking about "Tako (octopus)" in Kyoto, "Takoyakushi-dori Street" may be inevitable.

It is one of the streets from east to west in Kyoto, from Kiyamachi-dori Street in the east to Sai-dori Street in the west.

Located at the intersection of Shinkyogoku-dori Street, the "Takoyakushi-do Eifuku-ji Temple" is the temple from which the name Takoyakushi-dori Street was derived.

There is a stone statue of Yakushi Nyorai called "Takoyakushi" in the precincts.

There is also a wooden carved octopus "Nade Yakushi".

It is said that rubbing "Nade Yakushi" with the left hand heals all kinds of diseases.


Takoyakushi-do Eifukuji has the following anecdote.

Long ago, the mother of Zenko, a monk of Eifuku-ji Temple, fell ill and asked for his favorite octopus.

Despite hesitating to buy raw octopus as a monk, Zenko, who cares about his mother, goes to the market.

When he was bringing back a box of octopus, the people in the town were looking at me and they rushed me to open the box ......

Then he prayed to Bhaisajyaguru for salvation, oh, my god! the octopus legs transformed into eight-volume Myohorenge-kyo!

Thanks to that, Zenko escaped from the trouble and it is said that her mother's illness was cured by the light emitted by the octopus.

Since then, it has been affectionately called "Takoyakushi" and worshiped as a temple with miraculous effects.

The origin of the name of Takoyakushi-dori was the image of a monk who cherishes his mother.

Its formal name is "Jorurisan Eifuku-ji Temple ".

Currently, "Daihannya-e" is performed on the 8th of every month and is crowded with people praying for cancer control and recovery from illness.


Many of the Ema (votive tablets) and Omamori (amulets) given in the precincts of the shrine have an octopus motif.

This cute Takoyakushi-sama" is dedicated with your wish and name written on it.

You can buy it and dedicate it to the precincts.

You can also take it home without dedicating it.

Takoyakushi-do Temple Eifuku-ji Temple
503 Takoyakushi Higashita-cho, Shinkyogoku-dori, Nakagyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
5 minutes walk from Hankyu Kyoto Kawaramachi Station
*Photography is prohibited in the precincts.

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