Existing radio-tou towers in Kyoto

Radio exercise is a special feature of summer vacation.

I think the summer vacation is shortened this year, and the radio calisthenics is becoming fluid.

Radio broadcasting started in Japan in 1925.

Do you know "Radio-tou tower"?

From the beginning of the Showa era to the wartime, radio was expensive and was not popular among ordinary households.

Therefore, a "public radio receiver" was set up outdoors, where neighbors gathered.

Starting with Tennoji-koen Park in Osaka, there were up to 460 of them built all over Japan.

Currently, only pagodas remain mainly in parks in the Kansai region, and eight of them in Kyoto are said to be the most.


The radio-tou tower in Maruyama-koen Park is located on the way from the symbol "Gion Shidarezakura cherry trees" to Yasaka-jinja Shrine.

It was installed in 1932 and was restored in 1982 after recovering metals during the war.

It is now a historical building, but at that time baseball games were broadcast and radio gymnastics were popular.

It is a radio version of street TV that is familiar in comics and dramas in the Showa era.

The receiver is removed now, but it has a presence that the music of radio gymnastics is likely to be played in summer morning.


Radio tou towers are also available near Funaokayama Park, Komatsubara Park, Murasakinoyanagi Park, Tachibana Park, Hagi Children's Park and Cable Yase Station.

The radio tou tower near Cable Yase Station also has a historical appearance.


Also, the radio tower in Misayama-koen Park blends into the park like an object.

In the early Showa period, it was installed in the playground of Nissho Elementary School (The present Takakura Elementary School) next to the park.

When I stand in front of the radio tower, I can imagine the summer vacation in the distant day.

Some people may enjoy radio gymnastics at home as a new lifestyle this summer.

Maruyama-koen Park
Maruyama-cho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Gion, the City Bus stop

Misayama-koen Park
282 Mitsumiyama-cho, Rokkaku sagaru Higashinotoin-dori Street, Nakagyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
5 minutes walk from Hankyu Karasuma Station and Subway Shijo Station

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