Cool down with Hiyashi-ame drink

Hiyashiame is a typical summer drink in Kyoto and Kansai.

Hirashi-ame is a drink made by dissolving malt syrup in hot water, adding ginger and cooling it with water and ice.

If you pour it into a cup from a special machine and drink it up, the heat will go away.

In summer, you can see the noren of "ひやしあめ (Hiyashi-ame)" at Japanese confectionery shops and tea shops.

Recently, there are fewer shops in Kyoto where you can drink traditional Hiyashi-ame drink.

At "Hatanoken-rouho" in Nisiki Ichiba (Market), homemade cypress candy is sold in 500 ml plastic bottles.

It is served in a frozen state, so you can drink the melting point while using it as a refrigerant.

At "Aoyama Tobacco ten (Store)" in Fushimi Inari, Hiyashi-ame is a summer feature.

It is a retro resting place recommended for cooling off after visiting Fushimi Inari Shrine.

There are also shops where you can enjoy Hiyashi-ame drink throughout the year, not only in summer.

"Tonimaru", produced by Iwai Confectionery, serves Hiyashi-ame drink made from carefully selected rice candy.

Among them, "Tonimaru Ujibashi-dori ten (Store)" is a specialty store specializing in Hiyashi-ame drink.

If you see the noren of "ひやしあめ (Hiyashi-ame)", why don't you have a cup of one?

You can also enjoy hot "Ame-yu (drink made by dissolving malt syrup in hot water, adding ginger)" at "Aoyama Tobacco Store" and "Tonimaru".

Takakura Higashi-iru, Nishikikoji-dori Street, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Hankyu Karasuma Station and Subway Shijo Station

Aoyama Tobacco ten (Store)
22 Fukakusa Kaidoguchi-cho, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City
8-minute walk from JR Inari Station

Tonimaru Ujibashi-dori ten (Store)
171 -21 Myoraku UJI, Uji City
6 minutes walk from Keihan Uji Station

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