"Nasu ari Jizo Bosatsu" in Gion Shirakawa

Children in Kyoto enjoy Jizo-bon in every summer.

This year, there will be hands-on events such as "Tele Jizo-bon" through the Internet.

If you walk around the city of Kyoto, you will see many Jizo statues.

This time, we will introduce a Jizo statue that watches over people along the Shirakawa River in Gion.

It is on the Shirakawa River of Hanamikoji-dori Street "Yusai-bashi Bridge".

It is named after the closed local Yusai Elementary School, and it is said to be derived from Chinese calligraphy.

The street running from Hanamikoji-dori Street to Higashioji-dori Street on Shirakawa-kita-dori Street on the banks of Yusai-bashi Bridge was developed as "Nasuari no michi".

The "Nasu ari Jizo Bosatsu" enshrined at the foot of he bridge has a unique history.

When the water pipe construction was done at Hanamikoji-dori in 1954.

At that time, Jizo was dug out from the riverbed of Shirakawa River by Kyoto City Waterworks Bureau.

The Jizo was enduring in the cold, dark riverbed for the mind-boggling years before being discovered.

It is named after "Taete shinomeba nasuari (You'll be rewarded if you hold on.)" which is sung in the school song of Yusai elementary school.

The lyrics mean "No matter how hard it is, if you persevere and persevere, you will be rewarded and succeed.".

How about paying attention to Nasuari Jizoson right now in the Corona disaster?


Even in the bustling Hanamikoji-dori Street, there are few people passing by, and the "Nasuari no michi" has a calm atmosphere.

It is also said that the name came from the fact that when "有済 (yusai)" is turned upside down, it can be read as "Nasuari".

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