"Ogi-zuka Mound" tells the origin of fans

In addition to the Corona disaster, the heat wave is so intense that people cannot relax when they go out these days.

I often see people holding parasols or small fans to keep out the heat.

While small fans have become established as a recent summer item, the one I find useful this summer is a fan.

When I open the fan, my mood changes and I feel like my back is a little shined while I'm fanning.

Speaking of folding fans, do you know the historic site "Ogi-zuka Mound" at the northwest end of Gojo Ohashi?

There used to be a temple called "Mieido Hall" which was built in the Heian period.

The temple is known as the birthplace of folding fans, and Ogizuka was founded in 1960 to remember those days.

After TAIRA no Atsumori, a busho (Japanese military commander) of the Taira family, died in the Battle of Ichinotani at the end of the Heian period, Atsumori's wife became a priest.

She became a nun and entered the Miedo hall to pray for the happiness of her husband, and started to make fans with the temple monks.

The fan was later called "Mieido-ogi Fan" and became widely known.

It is said that many fan craftsmen moved to this area and it prospered as a famous production area of Kyo-sensu for a long time.


TAIRA no Atsumori, who was a nephew of TAIRA no Kiyomori, the leader of the Taira clan, was called a master of flute at a young age.

Near Ogizuka stands statues of Ushiwakamaru (MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune) and Benkei.

In the Battle of Ichinotani, Atsumori died at the age of only 16 because of a raid by a general of the Minamoto clan led by MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune.

I feel like I can hear the flute of Atsumori in the wind in the distance when I open the fan thinking of my fate at dusk.

Ogi-zuka Mound
Shimozaimokucho, Shimogyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Keihan Kiyomizu-gojo Station

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