"Hiyoke Tenman-gu Shrine coexisting with buildings

There are many people who look forward to visiting temples and shrines in Kyoto sightseeing.

When you walk through the city, you may encounter temples and shrines in unexpected places.

"Hiyoke Tenman-gu Shrine" stands between a building and a fence on the east side of the busy Teramachi-dori Street.

There is a live house in the basement of the site, which is a unique location.

The Hiyoke Tenman-gu Shrine is said to have started in the Azuchi-Momoyama period when a statue of SUGAWARA no Michizane was enshrined around Rokujo-dori Street.

It is said that it was at the end of the Sengoku period that the temple was repeatedly relocated and was moved to its current location according to the arrangement of sections by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI.

Since he escaped the fire in the Conspiracy of Hamaguri-gomon Gate in 1864, he had a deep faith for fire protection, and was also called "Hibuse".

Now it is surrounded by Takashimaya and Fujii Daimaru, and goes through the torii that stands in between to the precincts.

At the tip of the narrow approach like a corridor of a building, there is the main shrine, shrine and "sloping cow" that only Tenjin can offer.

It is a relaxing space in the busy downtown area.


Speaking of uniqueness, this goshuin is also unique.

Goshuin itself is a stamp stamp, but the place to receive it is "Okamoto Kagami(Mirror) Store" diagonally opposite.

If you go into the shop and ask the staff for Goshuin, they will give it with a date.

We accept only during business hours except for regular holidays, so please check in advance before going out.


Hiyoke Tenman-gu Shrine was originally the Chinju-sha shrine (Shinto shrine on Buddhist temple grounds dedicated to the tutelary deity of the area) of Daiun-in Temple.

Daiun-in Temple has moved to Higashiyama, and the site is now part of the Kyoto Takashimaya parking lot.

If you look at Hijiki Tenmangu from Okamoto Kagami (Mirror) Store, you can see a torii standing at the back of the building.

Hiyoke Tenman-gu Shrine
613 Teianzen-no-cho, east of Shijo-sagaru, Teramachi-dori Street, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City
5 minutes walk from Hankyu Kyoto Kawaramachi Station

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