Mitarashi Dango from Kamo Mitarashi Chaya (Tea House)

I just learned that the 3rd, 4th and 5th of every month are "Mitarashi Dango no Hi (anniversary)".

It was established based on a pun on the word "Mi (3), Tara, shi (4), Dan, Go (5)".

It is rare to have an anniversary that lasts for 3 days.

It is said that mitarashi dango originated in Shimogamo Shrine (Kamomioya-jinja Shrine) in Kyoto.

"Mitarashi" means "Mitarashi ike Pond" in the precincts of Shimogamo-jinja Shrine.

It is said that it originated in the Kamakura period when people made dango to imitate the bubbles of water gushing out at Mitarashi ike Pond.

There is also a theory that the dango, which is skewered one at the tip of a skewer and four at a distance from the tip of a skewer, represents the five human bodies.

It is said that this is because dango were once offered to the gods as a doll to ward off evil.

Speaking of Mitarashi River, Mitarashi Festival (Ashitsuke Shinji) which is held around midsummer Ox is also famous.

It is a seasonal tradition in midsummer, where people set foot on the Mitarashi Pond in front of Inoue Shrine (Mitarashi Shrine) and pray for good health.

If Mitarashi dango has a meaning of warding off evil, I may eat as many as I want for a legitimate reason.

After visiting Shimogamo-jinja Shrine, you can eat mitarashi dango at the "Kamo Mitarashi Chaya (Tea House)" in front of the gate.

Originally, the dumplings offered to the gods were eaten after praying with soy sauce.

This shop was established in 1922 and is said to have served Dango with sauce.

The homemade brown sugar based sauce mixes well with the dumplings, and the fragrant and elegant taste is irresistible.

It is also available for takeout, so how about making it as a souvenir of "Mitarashi Dango no Hi (anniversary)"?

Shimogamo-jinja Shrine (Kamomioya-jinja Shrine)
59 Shimogamo Izumigawa-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
Five minutes walk from the city bus stop Shimogamo-jinja Mae.

Kamo Mitarashi Chaya
53 Matsunoki-cho, Shimogamo, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
Near the city bus stop Shimogamo-jinja

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