Best power spot in Kyoto "Himukai-daijingu Shrine"

I want to refresh myself by hiking in autumn when I go out for a picnic.

Why don't you visit one of the best power spots in Kyoto to recharge your mind and body?

"Himukai-daijingu Shrine" is a 10 minute walk from the popular tourist spot, Incline.

It is said to have originated around 487 in the Kofun period and is one of the oldest shrines in Kyoto.

As it has been visited instead of Ise-jingu Shrine since ancient times, it is also called "Kyo no Oise".

It is said that you can receive the same blessings as visiting Ise Shrine.

The main building of the shrine is in the shinmei-zukuri style, which is said to be an early style of shrine architecture, and it is a rare and precious thing to see even in Kyoto.

It is also characteristic that Geku and Naiku are placed in the precincts like Ise Jingu.

"Amaterasu Omikami", the enshrined deity of Ise-jingu Shrine, is enshrined in the Naiku.

Near the Naiku, there is also a place where gods descend, called "Yogoiwa rock".

日向神社_リサイズ済1.jpgIf you climb the mountain path next to the kagoiwa rock for about 5 minutes, you will see the "Ama no Iwato".

It is a large rock that is said to be the biggest power spot in Kyoto, and there is a "Togakushi Shrine" in the cave.

The god of sports, "Amanotadikaraonomikoto", is enshrined.

Amaterasu Omikami, who appears in the mythology, is said to have pulled out Amaterasu Omikami hiding in the cave.

It is said that Amaterasu Omikami brought back the light to a world that was covered in darkness because she hid herself in the cave.

First, let's enter the cave and visit Togakushi Shrine.

And, by going through the back, it is said that there is a blessing of good luck and warding off evil.


In addition, if you go up the stairs along the guidepost, it takes about 15 minutes to get to the torii of Ise-jingu Shrine Yohaisho.

The torii is built facing the southeast where Ise-jingu Shrine is located, and on the other side, to the northwest, there is the vermilion O-torii of Heian-jingu Shrine.

It is one of the best power spots in Kyoto with the Imperial Mausoleum of Emperor Tenchi, Himukai-daijingu Shrine, Heian-jingu Shrine and Kyoto Imperial Palace in a straight line.

Beyond the Kyoto Imperial Palace, you can also see the left capital letters, and you can't help but feel the sacred air flowing through them.

It was moist with rain on this day, but I can enjoy a clearer view on a sunny day.


Himukai-daijingu Shrine
29 Kyodani-cho, Issai, Hinooka, Yamashina Ward, Kyoto City
15 minutes walk from Keage Station on the Kyoto City Subway

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