"Fujibakama Festival" enveloped in the fragrance of fujibakama

The Fujibakama in Kyoto is at its best season and has a subtle fragrance.

How about going to "Fujihakama Festival" held on October 9 to 12th?

Fujibakama is an endangered species and is carefully raised by the local people.

It is said that there is also "Fujibakama Sansoku (three rules for Fujibakama) " of "Do not leave Kyoto" "keep out of other areas" and "produce no seeds".

As a result of conservation and training, cultural buildings in Nakagyo and Kamigyo wards are displayed at this time of the year.

During the period, the area of Teramachi-dori Street called "Gosho Higashi Road" and the Nijo-dori Street section became the stage for "Fujibakama Festival".

The stamp rally will be held at 16 locations including Kodo (Gyogan-ji Temple), Shimo-goryo Shrine, Rakuyo Church and Niijima Kaikan.

There are various shops in the precincts of Shimo-goryo-jinja Shrine, and there is a workshop where you can enjoy the seven flowers of autumn at Kodo.

If you write your wish on a prayer board shaped like "Asagi-madara", it will be burned at Aizen-do in Kodo later.

Asagi-madara is a butterfly with asagi color (like a light blue). It is also called "a butterfly crossing the sea".

Please pay attention to the appearance of Asagimadara which is attracted by the scent of Fujibakama.


Local sento are also "Fujibakama no Yu" during the festival.

At Tamanoyu, we can enjoy "Fujibakama no Yu" only for three days, October 9th (Fri), 10th (Sat) and 12th (Mon).

Fuji Bakama contains a lot of ingredients that remove the rust of the body and promote healthy longevity.

The fragrance was essential to the appearance of women in the Heian period.

You may be able to enjoy the feeling of Heian aristocrats with the "Fujibakama no Yu" which recreates the bath of the time.

I think I can spend a hearty time surrounded by the fragrance of fujibakama.

For details of the event, please check the official website of Genji Fujibakama Kai.

Here is for the official website of Genji Fujibakama Festival (Japanese site).

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