Peacocks, Tanaka-san and Tanaka-jinja Shrine

It's sudden, but do you know Tanaka-san (Mr. or Ms. Tanaka)?

Or you may be Tanaka-san!

In Japan, Tanaka (田中) continues to rank high in the list of names that are common nationwide.

It is said that there are especially many Tanakas in western Japan including Kyoto.

This time, I will introduce a shrine associated with Tanaka-san.

It is 1 station away from Demachiyanagi Station of Eizan Electric Railway.

Get off at Moto-Tanaka Station and walk for 3 minutes, and you will find "Tanaka-jinja Shrine" in the residential area.

Although small in size, it is a shrine with a long history that is said to be the founder of the "Tanaka" across the country.


This area was originally called Tanaka village and was controlled by the Tanaka family.

There are many towns in the neighborhood which have "Tanaka Satonomae-cho" or "Tanaka Harunama-cho" in front of them and "Tanaka" in front of them.

Of course, the address of Tanaka Shrine is "Tanaka-Nishihinokuchicho".

The name of the station, "Mototanaka" is said to have been derived from the fact that it has developed around Tanaka-no-sato.

There is a theory that it is the birthplace of Tanaka-san, so it can be said that it is a place where Tanaka-san feels special.

I'm afraid I'm not Tanaka-san, but of course We don't have to be Tanaka-san.


What attracts attention at Tanaka Shrine are 2 peacocks kept in a cage on the approach.

It started when a circus in Osaka dedicated it to Tanaka Shrine to spend the rest of his life.

If the timing is right, you may be able to see a graceful figure spreading its wings.

Unique items such as "Kujaku Mikuji" and "Kujaku Mamori (amulet)" which are related to peacocks.

When you visit Tanaka Shrine, please check the peacocks, too!

Tanaka-jinja Shrine
1 Tanaka Nishihinokuchi-cho, Sakyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Eiden Mototanaka Station

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