Awata-jinja Shrine where the yellow ducks are appearing

In this "KYOTO-CHISHIN" the other day, I introduced you to Tanaka-jinja Shrine where peacocks live.

There are ducks in the Chozu-bachi (bowl) in the precincts of Awata Shrine in Higashiyama, which I will introduce to you this time.

Although it is called a duck, a real duck is not swimming.

It's that yellow toy duck floating in the bath.

There are many small ducks floating, and it looks like yellow flowers are blooming from a distance.

Dragon in Chozu-bachi, now seem to take care of ducks.

It is said that the duck Chozu-bachi was proposed by the shrine parishioner of Awata-jinja Shrine, and there is a lot of talk about it on SNS.

The ducks will float until they get dirty, so if you're interested, please visit the shrine as soon as possible.


The temple grounds are also a viewing spot where you can see Mt. Hiei, Mt. Atago and Kitayama.

It is also known as "Awata-matsuri Festival" in October, and every year "Seawari ritual" is held on the eve of the Shinkosai.

In Yowatari shinji, "Awata O-toro", which is made of big lanterns, makes a tour and is famous.

In 2020, it was held on a smaller scale, and Otoro is about half the size of the past years.

Otoro is currently on display on the Noh stage in the temple grounds, so why don't you enjoy the atmosphere of the Awata Festival?

Awata-jinja Shrine
1 Awataguchi Kaji-cho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
7 minutes walk east from Higashiyama Subway Station

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