Miyake Hachiman-gu Shrine with Pigeons

Cows, pigeons, foxes and so on have been messengers of gods since ancient times.

This time, I would like to introduce the shrines that value pigeons.

It is located at Eizan Electric Railway Hachimanmae Station, Kamitakano "Miyake Hachiman-gu Shrine".

It is said to originate from a shrine built by ONO no Imoko in the Asuka period, and it is also worshipped as a guardian god for children.

A white dove that is said to have guided a deity of Hachiman from Usa Hachiman-gu Shrine to Iwashimizu Hachiman-gu Shrine in the Heian period.

For that reason, it is said that at Hachiman-gu, pigeons have been cherished as messengers of the gods.

Miyake Hachiman-gu Shrine awards Shinbato (God's Pigeons) to children when they visit a shrine.

It is a clay doll made of a pair of pigeons, and there is a custom to return it when a child grows up safely.

The fact that the head of the goddess pigeon is red and the body is blue means to ward off evil and it is also a good luck charm for child rearing.


The ones beside the torii are not Komainu (dogs), but "Komabato (pegions)".

In addition to stone lanterns and paper lanterns in the precincts, the Ema (votive horse tablets) and Omamori (amulets) of the gifts are also decorated with Shinbato.

Real pigeons can freely go in and out of the precincts and spend time surrounded by pigeons.

Miyake Hachiman-gu Shrine
22 Kamitakano Miyake-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
2 minutes walk from Eizan Electric Railway Hachiman-mae Station
6 minutes walk from Eizan Electric Railway Miyakehachiman Station

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