Japan's first adoption of sailor suits "Heian Jogakuin (St.Agnes')"

This fall, students on a school trip returned to Kyoto.

Every time I see the lively students in the midst of their youth, I feel refreshed.

In the past, sailor suits and Gakuran were the mainstream uniforms for junior and senior high school students.

There are many blazers now, and the number of schools that are particular about fashionable designs and designer goods is increasing.

As for me, I used to wear blazer uniforms in both junior and senior high schools, so I secretly adore sailor suits.

For that reason, when I see students in sailor suits, I can't help but follow them with my eyes.

Sailor suits can be said to be a symbol of female students both now and in the past.

Located in Kyoto's Gosho Nishi (West) area, "Heian Jogakuin" is said to be the first school in Japan to adopt sailor uniforms.

It was in 1920, so it was exactly 100 years ago.

This elegant uniform features a white collar and a silk scarf around the neck of a hand-sewn dress.

At that time, there were many female students who wanted to enter because "I want to wear a sailor suit!".

There is a special feeling that is different from the current brand uniforms, and it is understandable that female students long for it.

At Heian Jogakuin Junior High School, sailor-collar jackets are now being used to pass down the tradition.


Heian Jogakuin St. Agnes Girls has its roots in "Eddie's School" which was established in 1875 in the former Kawaguchi settlement in Osaka.

In 1895, it moved to the western part of Kyoto Imperial Palace, and has been called Heian Jogakuin.

To the west of the school building stands "Saint Agnes Church" at the corner of Karasuma-dori Shimodachiuri, a Gothic brick building.

It is designated as a tangible cultural property designated by Kyoto City and has a presence like a symbol of Gosho Nishi.

It was originally built as a chapel of Heian Jogakuin St. Agnes School, and it is also open to the community now.

As Christmas approaches, I'm excited about the illumination of the church!

*Due to the effect of the new coronavirus, voluntary restraint or restriction of admission to churches may be enforced.

*You are not allowed to enter the school grounds.

Saint Agnes Church
​Shimodachiurikado, Karasuma-dori, Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Subway Marutamachi Station

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