Kyoto Gyoen National Garden "Mori no Bunko"

When autumn deepens, it is also a blissful time to read in the sun.

The trees in the nature-rich Kyoto Gyoen National Garden called "Forest Museum" have also turned red and yellow.

Do you know there is a special reading spot in the corner of Kyoto Gyoen?

"Haha to Ko no Mori (Mother and Children's Forest)" is located in the "Mori no Bunko (Forest book shelf)" on the north side of the Kyoto State Guest House.

Every day, except for rainy days from April to the end of 11, bookshelves are open from morning to evening in the trees.

You can't borrow books to go home, but anyone can enjoy reading freely on a wooden bench or in the shade of a trees.

Although November has entered the second half of the year, the weather has been as warm as early summer.

When I sit on a bench in the sunny place, I might forget time and season.


Books and picture books on natural science for children are displayed in the "Mori no Bunko".

There is also a wild bird drinking area "Birdbus" nearby, and you can enjoy the song of birds as background music.

It is a hidden spot where you can see wild birds and insects in Kyoto Gyoen with a book on the bookshelf in your hand.


The doors of the bookshelves are closed in December, but "Haha to Ko no Mori" remains open.

​Kyoto Gyoen is also known for its beautiful gingko trees and autumn leaves, and the forest for mothers and children is colored with autumn colors.

​It is also recommended as a resting spot to stop by after taking a walk in the large garden.

Kyoto Gyoen Mori no Bunko
3 Kyoto Gyoen, Kamigyo-ward, Kyoto-city, Kyoto
5 minutes walk from Furitsu Idaibyoin-mae (front of Furitsu Idaibyoin), City bus stop.

Open from April 1 to November 30 from about 9: 00 to 16 o'clock
*​During the period, bookshelf doors are closed on rainy days.

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