Have German beers and sausages at "Cafe Müller"

Now that we can't easily go abroad, why don't we enjoy foreign culture and food in Kyoto?

Kyoto is dotted with facilities where you can feel the foreign culture close to you.

"Goethe Institute Villa Kamogawa" in Kawabata Kojinguchi is a cultural institution in Germany.

The language club offers various levels of German courses from beginners to advanced students.

The library houses books and magazines on contemporary art, culture and lifestyle in Germany.

DVDs of German movies and documentaries are also available in the media lounge in the basement.


If we want to enjoy Germany more casually, we should eat gourmet food.

Enjoy authentic German cuisine at the adjacent cafe restaurant "Cafe Müller".

I recommend you to drink a one-plate lunch or toast with German beer and sausage.

Beers include fruity white beer "Erdinger" from a brewery in Bavaria.

Sausages such as "Homemade Coarsely Ground Sausage" and "Homemade Boiled White Sausage" are prepared.

I heard that "Kariwurst" with ketchup and curry powder is a taste of German street stalls.

カフェミュラー_リサイズ3.jpgThe furniture, furnishings and tableware that are all made in Germany are placed in the shop with a view of a well-maintained courtyard.

I'm looking forward to having lunch in the courtyard in the season when the weather is good.

Currently, up to 3 people per group can enter the restaurant, and the number of people and the number of seats as well as the menu are limited.

Why not enjoy a sophisticated German atmosphere while enjoying lunch alone or a cafe?

I'm also excited about the seasonal decorations like Christmas trees and advent calendars.

Cafe Müller
19-3 Yoshida Kawara-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
2 minutes walk from Kyoto bus stop Kojinguchi

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