What is "Ameyu" loved in Kyoto, even now and in the past?

In Kyoto and Osaka, people drink Mizuame made from malt mixed with hot water in hot and humid summers or in freezing winters.

On a hot day, you can have a cup of "Hyashi-Ame" which is chilled with ginger.

On cold days, you can keep your body and mind warm by sipping hot "Ameyu" without cooling it.

The ginger is spicy and you can feel it permeating all the organs and bowels.

"Ameyu" is sometimes served on the Setsubun festival in February, and it is especially special when drunk in the cold weather!

Why don't you look for this amber drink when you go sightseeing in Kyoto and Osaka?

The photo is "Ameyu" of "Kyo-Ame Tonimaru Bumparu".

It is a shop in the Kyoto Culture Museum's rouji shop.

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