Praying Beauty at "Wakamiya Hachiman-gu Shrine"

We introduced the "Keso-Fumi-Uri (2 men who sell letters)" of Suga-jinja Shrine the other day.

It is a ritual event of Setsubun which is said to bring blessings such as beauty and marriage.

There are many shrines and temples in Kyoto that offer blessings for beauty and marriage.

Among them, this time we will introduce "Wakamiya Hachiman-gu Shrine" in the middle of Gojozaka.

The enshrined deities are Emperor Ojin, his father, Emperor Chuai and his mother, Empress Jingu.

Empress Jingu is said to be a beautiful woman who is also known as the god of child rearing and easy delivery.

There is a full-length mirror at the side of the main shrine, so you can check your whole body before you worship.

Speaking of mirrors, the "The Mirror of Beauty OMAMORI (amulet) " presented here is unique in that it is a compact mirror.

The "chance victor OMAMORI (amulet)" which is handmade by a craftsman and has a sacred mirror on a stone base is also authentic.


The pottery god Shiinetsuhiko no Mikoto was enshrined together in the Showa period.

For this reason, it is also called "Toki (pottery) jinja Shrine".

Gojozaka where Wakamiya Hachiman-gu Shrine is located is the birthplace of Kiyomizuyaki.

The area is lined with pottery shops and there is also the "Kyoto Tochika Exhibition Center" which specializes in Kyo-yaki pottery and Kiyomizu-yaki pottery.

It may also fulfill a woman's dream of "on a pottery-like skin".

Wakamiya Hachiman-gu-sha Shrine
5- 480 Gojohashihigashi, Higashiyama-ward, Kyoto
5 minutes walk from Gojozaka City bus stop

Here is for What is "Keso-Fumi-Uri (2 men who sell letters)"?

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