The inn where we can meet cats if we are lucky

February 22 is "Cat's Day" in Japan.

At coffee shops and cafes in Kyoto, there are times when "cat" greets you.

I think cats that keep the right distance can be said to be a symbol of this era.

Also, there are unexpected encounters waiting for us when we walk on the street.

The other day in Nishijin, I met a cat at "Kyo-no Yado (inn) Unohana".

The window of a small inn in a quiet residential area that is down the Ninna-ji Temple road on the Onmae-dori street.

I was fascinated for a while by the appearance like a maneki neko that blends in with the seasonal arrangement.

He or she does not sit here every day, so we are lucky if we can meet him or her.

It was warm on that day, so he or she might have enjoyed sunbathing.

From the blanket placed casually, the warmth and polite work of the staff seems to be conveyed.


"Kyo-no Yado Unohana" is welcomed by a cute cat and a gentle couple.

It is a homey inn that there are many repeat customers with hearty hospitality and breakfast.

It is clean and has thorough measures against infectious diseases, so it is nice that a woman can stay alone without worries.

Why don't you check it when the time comes for traveling.

Nishijin is a production area of Kyoto's world-class traditional craft "Nishijin brocade".

We can hear the sound of weaving from the alley, and see the old townscape remains.

There are many hidden famous temples, historic sites and spots, so I think you can find your own Kyoto.


Speaking of social distance, it is often perfect for cats we meet on the street.

(The picture shows a cat I met early in the morning on Tanuki -bashi Bridge in Gion, Shirakawa.)

I hope it will be a town in Kyoto where cats can live comfortably.

Kyo-no Yado Unohana
188 Shimotate-cho, Ninna-ji temple kaido Sagaru, Onmae-dori, Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
6 minutes from Kitano Tenman-gu mae or Taisho-gun, City bus stop

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