釘抜地蔵 (The Kugi nail puller Jizo) in Kyoto

I wonder that there are many people who couldn't go to shrines or temples for Setsubun this year under the state of emergency.

As for this year's Setsubun, as well as Hatsumode, dispersed worship is recommended, and there are still some shrines and temples where you can visit now.

For example, "Shakuzo-ji Temple" in Nishijin, that is known as "釘抜地蔵 (Kuginuki Jizo: The Kugi nail puller Jizo)".

This year, you can specially purchase "厄除招福だるま (Yakuyoke Shofuku Daruma doll)" until Wednesday, March 31.

It is an amulet that is sold only on Setsubun every year.

It is a charm with the power of compassion of Kuginuki Jizo Daibosatsu even though it is a cute princess daruma figure.

Also, on the 24th of each month, "Kuginuki Jizo Ennichi".

After a short service and the chief priest's talk, a gift from the Jizo is received.

It is held every month, so why don't you pray slowly after the world calms down?


Pliers and nails as offerings for pain relief.

The stone statue temple said to have been founded by Kobo Daishi-Kukai in 819.

It was restored by Shunjobo Chogen Shonin (Priest) in the Kamakura period and changed from a Shingon sect temple to a Jodo sect temple.

Furthermore, it is said that it was restored in 1614 by Seirensha Genyo Shonin.

The Jizo-do Hall (Main hall) enshrines a stone standing statue of Jizo Bosatsu that is said to have been made by Kukai.

Nails and nail pullers will greet visitors on the approach, and a large statue of nail puller will greet visitors on the grounds.

According to the shrine's biography, there are 2 theories for the origin of the name "Kuginuki Jizo".

One theory is that "苦抜 (Kunuki: remove suffering) Jizo" was changed to "釘抜 (Kuginuki: nails) Jizo".

Another theory is that a Jizo (guardian deity of children) appeared in a merchant's dream and pulled out two nails of resentment from the merchant's hand.

Even today, worshippers visit the shrine to remove nails (agony) from its body and mind.


It is said that Shakuzo-ji Temple has a worship that visitors dedicate "thank-you Ema (votive tablet)" after their agonies were gone.

A rare and spectacular Ema (votive tablet) with two hassun kugi nails and kuginuki (nail puller) stuck to a large board.

About 1,000 Ema (votive tablets) of gratitude are posted on the wall of the Jizodo hall, showing the depth of their faith.

Yen-ma-sama who is said to pull out the tongue of the liar that we introduced in this "KYOTO CHSHIN" the other day.

And this time, the Bodhisattva who pulled out the kugi nails (agony) of the heart and body.

It looks exactly the opposite, but it is interesting that both of them are called Ojizo-sama.

Shakuzo-ji Temple/Kuginuki Jizo
503 Hanaguruma-cho, Senbon-dori Kamidachiuri Agaru, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Senbon Kamidachiuri, City bus stop

Here is for The town name "閻魔前町 (Yen-ma Mae-cho)" in Kyoto

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