Relax in Takaragaike Koen Park

In the lead of the cherry blossom season in the Kinki region, cherry blossoms were observed in Kyoto on March 16.

It was 12 days earlier than average and the fastest record since the observation started in 1953.

It's still a restless world, but the real coming of spring will make you feel cheerful.

Among the nature rich Rakuhoku area, "Takaragaike Koen Park" is a famous place for cherry blossoms among those who know it.

We can see the competition of weeping cherry blossoms or Someiyoshino with Hieizan mountain and adjacent Kyoto International Conference Center.

The overall view is a little bit ahead, but it is the largest natural park in Kyoto, and we can enjoy cherry blossom viewing without getting dense.

Takaragaike Koen Park is a 15 minute walk from Kokusaikaikan Station, the terminal and starting station of the Kyoto Municipal Subway Karasuma Line.

From Takaragaike Station of Eizan Electric Railway, it is a place of recreation and relaxation for the local people which spreads out in a place about 5 minutes walk.

The Takaragaike pond in the center of the park was built as a reservoir for irrigation in the middle of the Edo period.

At present, "Sakura no Mori Forest" "Shobu-en Garden" "Ikoi no Mori Forest" and "Children's Paradise" are in place on the site.

Surrounded by the rich nature of each of the four seasons, it is a pleasant season to stroll along the promenade around the pond.


There is boat stand in the northwest of Takaragaike, and we can rent a boat.

We can enjoy leisurely boating in a classical boat rowed by hand for 1 hour.

We can also enjoy the feeling of cycling in a 30 minute ride on a lucky boat where you can row with your feet.

It is an oasis in the city where waterside creatures such as carp and duck live.

The wide promenade, the spacious pond, and the fact that we don't get close to others are nice points.

It is a comfortable place where we feel like taking off a mask and taking a deep breath in a place where nobody is around.


Takaragaike Koen Park
8 Kamitakano Nagareda-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
15 minutes walk from Subway Kokusaikaikan Station Exit 5
5 minutes walk from Eizan Electric Railway Takaragaike Station

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