The special spring viewing at Myoman-ji Temple

The cherry blossom season has arrived in Kyoto!

From early to late blooming, we can enjoy various kinds of cherry blossoms for more than a month.

March 27 has been designated "Sakura Day" by the Japan Cherry Blossom Association.

A play on the word '3 (sa) x 9 (ku) = 27' is repeated with '桜始開' (the first cherry blossom season) of 72 climates.

It is also interesting to read "桜始開" as "Sakura Hajime Hiraku".

This time, I will introduce "Myomanji" of Iwakura, where we want to extend your visit a little from the Takaragaike walk.

It is the Sohonzan (grand head temple) of the Kenpon Hokke Sect established by Nichiju Taishoshi in 1389.

It was originally located in Rokujobomon Muromachi (present Karasuma Gojo), and has been moved repeatedly due to fires caused by war.

In 1503, it was moved to Teramachi Nijo as a result of the city renovation by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI.

It was relocated from Teramachi Nijo to its current location in Iwakura in 1968.

It developed as' Myoman-ji Temple in Teramachi Nijo 'for about 400 years through several relocations.

The town name "Myomanjimae-cho" still remains in Teramachi Nijo and tells its long history.


Myomanji is holding a special spring viewing event on Tuesday, March 23.

During the period, the cherry blossom garden is open to the public along with the main hall, snow garden and exhibition room.

We can see the red weeping cherry blossoms in front of Oshoin and the precincts colored with cherry blossoms for about 2 - 3 weeks.

There is also a special viewing of the Sakuraen light up from Friday, March 26 for about two weeks.

Check the state of cherry blossoms blooming on Myomanji's official SNS (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

Kenpon Hokke Sect Sohonzan Myoman-ji Temple
91 Iwakura Hataeda-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
5 minutes walk from Kino Station on the Eizan Electric Railway.

The special spring viewing starts on Tuesday, March 23 for about 2 - 3 weeks.
6 - 17 o'clock (last reception for visiting Honbo is at 16 o'clock).
Admission: 500 yen (pay at the temple office).

The special viewing Sakuraen Illumination will start on Friday, March 26 and lasts for about two weeks.
17 to 20 o'clock.
Admission is free (Honbo is not open).

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